Private Label


It deals with perfumery in all its aspects with a strong predisposition to the creation of personal fragrances and essences for the environment.

Private Label


We accompany the customer in every phase of the development of a fragrance: from the concept to the creation of graphics and packaging. Starting from the idea, we create olfactory paths thus giving our customer more choice. We aesthetically evaluate the packaging based on the result to be obtained. We study the best combination of labels and boxes. Thus we give life to the dreams and desires of our customers. In addition to the possibility of creating personal perfumes and essences, Sikelia also allows you to create countless other products such as: hand soap, ambient perfume, soaps, bath shower, candles, essential oils, creams.

Private label

Keys in hand

Our task is to accompany the customer step by step until the final fragrance is created. The journey begins with the choice of the essence and ends with the design of the label and packaging. The customer is guided and assisted at 360 degrees during all the creative phases that will lead to the final product.