Our philosophy


Land of Myths and Mythologies, Novels and Poetry
Shapes and Colors that contain symbolic meanings
The artisan celebrates the movements of the Soul

Our philosophy

The myth

Myths, legends and fantastic stories are lost in the mists of time. Man has always been in search of the supernatural and the mysterious world of the divine to justify his earthly existence and to direct his behavior. Thus, for centuries, fairy tales, tales of the ancient world have captivated, kidnapped and educated a humanity increasingly in search of certainties. It almost seems a paradox that today in a hyper-technological world, where a satellite is able to map the earth, there is a need for legends.

Our philosophy

The project

Sikelia Parfums is the product of a long research and study of the world of perfumes and in particular of Sicilian mythologies and legends. The project, the formulation of the perfumes, the materials used, are part of a careful selection of Sicilian artists and artisans.

Our production takes place in limited quantities and this allows a scrupulous control over the quality of every single aspect.

The elements that make up our creations do not come from industrial productions, they are for the most part made by hand: Each single perfume cap is handmade in ceramic by selected ceramists from Caltagirone (CT), the tassels, the box are fruit of skilful craftsmanship that make each item a unique piece.

Our philosophy

The scent

We are not interested in choosing the hottest essences of the moment, we never start from what must be inside, but from what we want to tell. We only use 100ml bottles, the only respectable size for an artistic perfume and the only size that can justify all the efforts we make to package each bottle.

The formulation of the fragrances was handled by the perfumer Fulvio Ciccolo (also Sicilian).

As a fundamental prerequisite for our work, we have not set ourselves time limits, nor any restrictions on the quality of raw materials.

Creativity, quality, passion, history are the values that inspire our work

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